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Do you know the vast amount of teas?  Of course black and green tea of course is found here such as green tea and yellow tea and even so-called red tea.  A specific type of tea is Pu-erh which like some cheeses has a maturing effect.  White tea is mainly mentioned in cosmetics but few know how delicious it can be.  Feel free to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tea and tea ceremonies.  Return to ancient China for a while and discover the secrets of tea!
Incredible selection of the best teas and coffee

Do you know there are special dishes for tea?  And it's not just pots.  A special cup with a lid traditionally called Gaiwan has been used for tea for more than a millennium mainly for green and green tea.  When we talk about traditional tea ceramics we cannot mention the Ysing jugs;  They are made from a special reddish-brown clay and fired in furnaces where the temperature reaches really high levels.  They are special in that they do not even minimize the taste of the tea and show the tea "soak" into each other and thus enhance the taste of the tea which is regularly prepared there.

Do you still think drinking tea is boring?  Let yourself be misled and let the magic of ancient tea rituals impress you!

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