Listen to a good portion of music

Are you listening to music but have your playlist on your ipod completely bent?  Don't despair and try our new online.  In addition to world hits you can hear a lot of useful information.

Are you going to leave for a romantic holiday in exotic landscapes but do you not know what the current situation on the roads and highways looks like?  If you're still packing a lot of useless stuff turn on our online Impulse radio.  At selected times Impuls radio tells you which motorway section has become a road accident or whether a larger city circuit or a detour is closed.  It will certainly pay off and when you get in the car you will be quieter.
Joy for all

Do you spend a lot of time with your family and are you still looking for some new attractions to take a long time?  Play Impuls online radio music and valuable information for your entire family.

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